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Cruises to Svalbard (also known as Spitsbergen, the main island) are the most accessible and affordable way to travel to the High Arctic. The archipelago is a long way North, halfway between North Cape and the North Pole, yet flights from Norway reach the tiny township of Longyearbyen in just a few hours. From here you join an expedition cruise and head out to explore the wildly beautiful coastline, in search of of polar bears roaming the pack ice hunting for seals and walrus. Spitsbergen is one of the most northerly landmasses in the Arctic at the edge of the ice-covered Arctic Ocean. During the short summer Svalbard comes alive with visiting and endemic wildlife. Vast colonies of seabirds soar and circle over spectacular cliff breeding grounds. Marvel also at the spectacular mountains springing from the sea, blue ice and grinding glaciers.

Travel to Spitsbergen and you will see the Jewel of the Arctic!