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If you want to travel to the Arctic, the best option is to join a small ship expedition cruise, where you can reach remote wilderness inaccessible to all others. Explore one of the planet's most beautiful and sensitive environments.  On an expedition trip to the Arctic you can experience wildlife, wilderness and beauty -  and all the while learn from onboard polar experts. Look for polar bears as well as marine mammals such as whales, seals and walrus. Vast colonies of seabirds can be seen, as well as mountains springing from the sea, blue ice and grinding glaciers. 

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From Europe, the most accessible Arctic destination is Svalbard, often known as Spitsbergen. Some voyages also reach Iceland and eastern Greenland, whereas Greenland's west coast is more accessible from the Canadian Arctic. The vast Russian Arctic is also represented here, including voyages to Wrangel Island and even the North Pole itself!

All leading small ship operators are represented by Expeditions Online, including Quark Expeditions, Oceanwide Expeditions, Aurora Expeditions, One Ocean Expeditions, Heritage Expeditions - along with the very best Arctic vessels such as PlanciusOrteliusPolar Pioneer,Akademik IoffeVavilovM/S Expedition and more.

Following is a complete list of our current Arctic expedition cruises: